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Currently, we work on these solutions
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Local district energy management and monitoring
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Digital Democracy

Decentralized Platform built on the Internet Computer
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Tokenized Participation

Autonomous Endeavour Operating System


We build impactful Apps and Cloud Services.

We have years of experience in building advanced databases, customized applications, platforms and cloud services. We build high-end software solutions from scratch or extend your existing ones. By implementing a sustainable software architecture and efficiently applying code optimization, our solutions reduce your digital carbon footprint and speed up your processes with ease.


The Internet and technology sector is subject to constant change and disruption. To keep you up to date and your business on track, we offer insightful technical advice on all aspects of modern software development and digital sustainability.

Solution Architecture

We show you how to get where you want to be. By setting up architectural concepts and prototypes – we deliver all the necessary blueprints and roadmaps for your upcoming highly portable and infinite scalable project.

Dimensioning and Scaling

With the common cloud services, you can monthly pay a small fortune to the usual suspects in Silicon Valley. To avoid that, we modularize and dimension your services as cost-efficiently and sustainably as possible.

Deployment and Maintenance

The common cloud services are not only cost-intensive but also often enough vast and inflexible. We customize your software demands and take care of data governance and risk management in your best interest.


We combine our technical expertise in engineering and full-stack development with highly creative ideation processes. In doing so, we can deliver customized products with outstanding usability, durability, and scalability. Additionally, you get a positive impact on the environment.


We apply all the implementation of your design requirements to let the product fit into your brand organically. Depending on your needs, we offer web, progressive, hybrid, or native applications.

TypeScript, Javascript, React, React-Native, Redux, Mobx, Chakra-UI


We implement your requirements regarding data and substantial content in the product’s infrastructure. Furthermore, we can also store, process, and integrate any kind of data from almost any kind of internal and external service.

Python, TypeScript, JavaScript, Django, Express


All systems have one thing in common: They need access to streams of data. So we create, maintain, and service APIs and ensure that they fit the highest standards in security and scalability.

Python, TypeScript, JavaScript, REST, GraphQL, Django Rest Framework, Hasura, Graphile, Prisma


Not every existing software is the best possible version of itself - but we can help to transform itself to unleash its full potential.


To ensure your products are performing the best way possible, we apply value analysis. So we can find the greatest potentials for optimization and develop solutions to improve your software's quality.


The use of digital services can swallow up considerable sums of money. It isn't easy to distinguish useful services from unnecessary ones. We optimize your software plan to ensure you only buy what you really need.


Speed is key. Whether development speed or the loading time of your services: both fields can and should be optimized to ensure your business's efficiency and your products' applicability.


We unfold digital ventures in a sustainable way to convert global economies into a thriving circular process.

We code for a better world. Living in the last decade where we can build a sustainable society and economy, we develop digital solutions for companies determined to set their environmentally negative outcome to zero and raise their positive impact. We are set to prove that the regenerative economy will outsmart legacy economies.


My mission is to be dedicate to the development and use of innovative technology that advances mental health care and awareness globally. I aim to bridge the gap in mental health services, ensuring that people from all backgrounds have the support and resources they need to thrive, thereby reducing suffering and fostering a healthier, loving and more resilient society.


My mission is to viabilize a regenerative and fulfilling life for all, where unnecessary suffering of people, animals, and the planet is no longer part of daily life. At Bendcircular, my work allows my inner child, who felt she could do nothing to help all of the destruction she saw on TV, to contribute and act upon these causes that felt so far away. Understanding how companies can coexist with technology and the environment seems to me the most important task globally at the moment.


As a former clinical psychologist and 15 years+ walking on my own healing journey, I am here to guide the path of self-discovery into spirit regeneration and soul union. I am devoted to love and truth, exposing false narratives and illusions that keep us from our true nature and highest potential. To serve our world, we need to start with serving ourselves & bringing light to the darkness. Turning pain into Power. Because what we are afraid to face is the very thing that sets us free.


I want to fall in love with the future again. I learned that with the kinship of like-minded people, everything falls in its place and nothing's impossible. As a designer, I see my responsibility in expanding aesthetics towards depth and diversity in all directions.


I am forward-thinking individual blending aerospace engineering expertise with deep spiritual insights. My professional journey spans innovative technology and startups, underpinned by a passion for integrating analytical thinking with spiritual exploration. This unique approach drives my entrepreneurial ventures, aiming to harmonize technological progress with spiritual consciousness.


I want to live in a green, peaceful world, where people eat organic food, drive hydrogen cars, respect and love each other, where most of the GDP of the country goes into education, science, improvement of peoples lives. Use tech to make the world a greener and more liveable place. Also, educate people on what they can do to help it!


I envision myself residing in a society cultivating a flourishing regenerative economy. I aim to lead a regenerative organization that empowers businesses to thrive while positively contributing to the environment and society, fostering a collaborative platform for exceptional talents to create regenerative businesses and revolutionize industries towards a sustainable future.